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Collaborative Divorce

Connecticut Collaborative Divorce

Jun. 19th 2013



Divorce is a very stressful, time consuming, and emotional process. When factoring in court appearances and missed time from work, the stress only builds. Collaborative divorce is a way to avoid adversary proceedings and work towards a fair and amicable resolution without the use of the courtroom. In fact, during a collaborative divorce, both parties and their respective attorneys sign an agreement stating that they will not resort to courtroom litigation throughout the entire collaborative process. If the parties do decide to enter the courtroom, the collaborative divorce process terminates and the divorce continues in court.

Collaborative divorce is not for all divorcing parties, and is beneficial to those who believe they can work together through an amicable process and not use adversary means. When entering into this process, both parties and their respective attorneys are agreeing that they will work together, freely exchange information, and focus on what is mutually beneficial. Though your attorney represents your interests, the two attorneys have the responsibility of working as a team, placing the family itself in the forefront.

Our attorneys who handle collaborative divorce matters are trained in the area of creative problem solving with both party’s aim at an end result that will be most beneficial for both parties involved. Many times additional professionals are brought in, such as appraisers, accountants, or counselors. Remember, if the process does end up in court, the attorney-client relationship you had with your attorney will end. The attorneys who enter into the contract for collaborative divorce process with you are not allowed to represent your interests in court. A new attorney will be necessary for the handling of courtroom issues.  If collaborative divorce sounds right for your case, you can contact us here and we can begin the process of helping you with your Connecticut Collaborative Divorce.

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