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Our Promise:

Connecticut Divorce Legal Fees

No one ever budgets for needing a lawyer, and usually these problems hit you when you are least prepared. We realized that no one has a savings account for “My Case” and we are prepared to assist you with your financial needs.

We will handle your case on a hourly billing plan, which can be discussed during your free consultation.

For payment, we will accept cash, personal checks, bank checks and credit cards. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you wish to pay be credit card, we can accept a card in your name or you may have a third party pay for your legal fee, although they will have to execute a payment agreement. Even if a third person pays some or all of your legal fee, they are not entitled to know anything about your case. We only discuss your case with you.

Once your retainer fee is signed, even if we raise our rates, you will only pay the fees outlined in your agreement.