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Pendente Lite Motions

11/09/13 5:00 PM

After the return date, the divorce process will begin. Your attorney can advocate for your best interests by filling out forms and filing requests with the court. Court orders are meant to protect you and your interests during the divorce process. In some cases, these requests may be resolved by agreement, however in some cases, they may require a hearing in front of the judge. Whether the court orders are resolved inside or outside of court, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Connecticut divorce lawyer to help you through the process.

Any pending court case could have pendente lite motions involved (as “pendente lite” means “pending litigation” in Latin). Pendente lite motions are commonly included in divorce cases. A lawyer can help you file pendente lite motions if this is deemed necessary during the process of your divorce. These requests can include alimony, child custody, bill payments, visitation, or other matters that should be addressed immediately. These court orders last for the period of the divorce proceedings until final judgment. These motions are considered standard pendente lite motions for divorce cases. Every divorce attorney should know how to file these motions.  Many attorneys will customize pendente lite motions to fit your case if your case contains special circumstances.

When most people are served with divorce papers, they are also served with pendente lite motions. This can be overwhelming and confusing. The most important thing is to remember not to panic. You will have time to consult with a divorce attorney and make the right decision for you. If you have been served with pendente lite motions, or if you want to file these motions, you will need the assistance of an experienced Connecticut divorce lawyer. You can click here for a free consultation with me if you have further questions.

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